( A frontier wife and mother...)


Becky seemed destined by cruel fate

To have bad problems with a mate.

So, Becky poisoned her first two,

Then she had Aleck shoot three through.

When four refused their sis to wed,

The Frailey boys soon shot him dead.

Her boy she sicked on number five;

The shotgun blast left him alive,

But he left home for many a-year,

While Becky got his deeds all clear.

Now she'd got all the bunch had had—

did this make Becky really bad?

Or was it just the way things were?

She did what seemed the best for her.

Divorce was then a mortal sin,

But Becky could get rid of men.

And, she could keep their property;

With Loge Belt's Law she was quite free

To send them to their early grave

And all their worldly goods to save

To raise her kids, who must be fed,

So Becky's husbands wound up dead.

She vowed each husband was a cad!

Did this make Becky really bad?

It surely left her far more rich,

`Though maybe got her called a witch.

Of women's "Lib" she'd never heard;

She knew the theory, not the word.

She practiced "Lib" on bad, bad men;

She'd plant them deep, then try again.

If only one had "done her right,"

She might've never felt such spite.

We can't know what hard times she knew,

Or what in her place we might do.

To kill for profit was the fad!

Did this make Becky really bad?


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